TLC One Big Happy Family

Have any of you seen this show on TLC? The show is about a family of 4 that each weigh between 300-400lbs. They are not using trainers or professional help. They have set a goal to become healthy as a family. The show takes place in their house. It is interesting to see them driving down the street and walking to get exercise. Why do you ask??? You all know that I have been staying with my sister while we are trying to sell our home right? Well this family leaves on my street (sister’s st). My kids want to stalk them. They have never seen or known a celebrity this close. It is so funny. I have never seen my kids want to ride their bike so much. Anyway I was leaving the other day and I saw the big statelite and truck from CNN out in front of their home. So I was curious and called a few people and found out that they were going to be on Live with Larry King. So of course I was super interested. I wonder if it will make it. I some how think it will??? Never know you may see one of my members on one of the shows. I will keep you posted:) If you have not seen it check it out. Tues on TLC.


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