TLC One Big Happy Family

Has anyone seen this show? It is about a family of 4 weighing between 300-400lbs each. It shows their everyday normal life. The good and bad to being overweight. The show is about their journey to lose weight together by eating right and exercising. They are doing this without professional help or trainers. I has only been on a few times now. So if you have not seen it check it out. It was been funny seeing them drive down the street and walking in the neighborhood. It has been exciting to see people I know on the show. And you ask why??? Well remember I told you that I was staying with my sister until I sell my house. The family is on our street. I kid you not. It is like have Jon and Kate plus eight (when they first started out) My kids are turning into stalkers. I don’t think they have asked to ride their bikes so much:) So we are super interested in seeing how they do with their weight loss. The other night I was driving out of the neighborhood and I saw the big CNN truck so yes I was curious. So I found out that they were about to be on Larry King Live. Too funny. I will you let you know if one of my family members get a clip. So I guess The Summers’ are I don’t know fans of the new celebrities:) Let me know what you think. Tonight on TLC.

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