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AWWWW Valentine’s Day

A few things first. Is anyone else getting junk comments from who knows where? I never got them before??? Don't know. I am still trying to find a camera that is not gonna give me trouble so I can show you my arm. I am going to be wrapped for a while so I am working on that. My big announcement is … [Read more...]


WISHING YOU LOTS OF LOVE! … [Read more...]


I will have a picture for you later today. I had 2 Dr apt on Mon and I came hm with my hand and arm wrapped so i can not type. I look like a mummy:( So I am catching up.I know I received an award so thank you and I will get back to that soon.I will update you on my apt with breast surgeon also.BIG … [Read more...]

Sorry it takes me a day to recover from the Dr

My apt went fine. She told me that I looked good and that she would see me in 3months. She talked to me about the "what now" My chances of it coming back is 30-50%. I think I flooded the room. While I am trying to listen and make note I could hardly see her with the tears streaming. It is so … [Read more...]

1 yr doctor apt

Getting ready to go have my 1yr check up … [Read more...]

Recruiting- To do or not to??

I remember when my husband wanted to try recruiting. Our first daughter was only one. I knew nothing about it. The things I did not know. The hrs were sooooo long. He was home at night so I am not complaining but it was a tuff out there. Doors slammed in your face, parents calling you every … [Read more...]