AWWWW Valentine’s Day

A few things first. Is anyone else getting junk comments from who knows where? I never got them before??? Don’t know. I am still trying to find a camera that is not gonna give me trouble so I can show you my arm. I am going to be wrapped for a while so I am working on that.

My big announcement is not quite ready to be announced. I am shooting for the end of the month. Hang in there with me for a bit it will be worth it:)

Now Valentine’s morning Mike took the girls and me to breakfast. It was fun and I knew the girls were excited to see what their Daddy got them. So we started to head home but we weren’t going home. I was in the wonder mode by now. Just when I started to have a million thoughts we pull in the Marriott. The girls started screaming and asking tons of questions. Mike opened our room and he had the room all decked out. Roses, cards, chocolate and huge heart pillows. After the girls opened all their stuff Mike grabbed my hand and we followed the rose petals to the room. Honestly I was thinking what is he doing the girls are here???? The next few minutes took my breath away. There was a giant balloon and roses. Mike told me this is my king bed to relax. He said that he was going to take the girls and that I was to relax and he would pick me up in the morning. No kids, no dogs no early morning alarm. Oh my goodness! Are you kidding??? It was just beautiful. He had my fridge full and sweet touches for me to just relax. It was awesome. Love you baby! To my girls thanks for letting Mommy have a night away. I love you all bunches!