Sorry it takes me a day to recover from the Dr

My apt went fine. She told me that I looked good and that she would see me in 3months. She talked to me about the “what now” My chances of it coming back is 30-50%. I think I flooded the room. While I am trying to listen and make note I could hardly see her with the tears streaming. It is so hard to hear that. I have come so far but then I think it has only been a year. I have such a long road ahead. So yesterday and the first half of today I hid in my room and slept. I woke up to a text from a friend. He said he was going through a lot and felt selfish that it was bothering him when my issues were heavier. I guess we all need to stop when we are feeling down and be thankful because some has it worse. So I picked my depressed tail up and headed for the gym. I kept thinking that she did not tell me that it was back or that I was dying right now. Thanks for the words J. Sometimes it just takes me a bit to get it together. The other issue I have to work on is the one thing my Dr said that I can control. Healthy living- eating and exercise. She wants me to get into shape and lose the weight. Cancer loves fat:( So I need to maybe try to start something or join another blog so I can be held accountable. So much for now. Thanks for reading and caring!

fighting like a girl