Chairs for Charity- The totals are in….

What an amazing night. Friday was a day to celebrate for sure. Earlier in the week I had a Dr apt with my oncologist. My Dr and I found something that needed to be scanned. I was terrified. Its hard when you are surrounded by others who are having recurrences. It really messes with your mind. Just happens that my scan was scheduled for Friday morning. Of all days I was thinking. Chairs for Charity has been planned for a while and I was looking so forward to attending. I went to my apt that morning knowing that I would not get my results until Mon or Tues. As the day went on I was back and forth checking in with the school. I stopped by and delivered cupcakes to the art students. I spoke with them and thanked them for all their hard work. I really think they got it. I think they knew they were part of making a difference in some one’s life. All along I could not stop thinking about my results and the what ifs. I was getting ready to leave to head home to start getting ready when I received a call that my results were in. I decided to have Mike pick them up. I was so nervous. I gave him just enough time before I called him. He answers the phone “your good” I could barely understand him. He was crying so much and of course you all know me. I was saying what??? Are you sure?? Did you read everything?? Why are you crying??? He said “I’m just so happy”. “I’m crying because I’m happy”. I was so emotional. I could not wait to finish getting ready and get to the school. All of the teachers and students are pulling for me and want to be a part of the success of my charity. The evening was so much fun. Thanks to everyone that came out and made this night special for me. All the chairs were sold. One of the chairs went for 250! The teachers announced the total at a fabulous 2660. They will donate half to Relay for Life and the other to Cindy’s Hope Chest. What a great ending to my day. God is good:)

fighting like a girl