Graphic Artist? Logo?

So now my next mission is to design my logo. I know what I want. It is me…its my journey. For those of you that have been with me you know how I feel about the blue butterfly. It is my sign that everything is going to be OK. It pops up just when I need it. So I am looking for a pink breast cancer ribbon. I want it to be tilted or kinda diagonal with a blue butterfly flying out of it. I have the vision now what do I do?

Update I spoke with two treatment facilities today. It was very exciting. I have my feet in both doors and I am ready. It was so rewarding to be able to share my story and for them to be so welcoming. It was emotional to hear one of the ladies say how blessed she felt to speak to me. How amazing it was for me to already be stepping out. She also told me not to forget about myself. If I needed her she was there. It is so important for us to get involved. Most of us don’t think about cancer on a daily basis and then there are others who are faced with it everyday. If everyone would do what they can when they can we can knock this terrible disease out. I want to find a CURE before my mom, my sister, my daughters, my niece and my girlfriends have to deal with this. I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER WOMAN TO SUFFER. I truly feel like I was chosen to make a difference. So when you finish reading this if you can say a prayer for me. I know He gave me what I can handle and I am going to handle it:) Thanks for your support. Let me know what you think about my website.

If you have any ideas for my organization I am open. If there is something you would like to donate, if you have a service or a business that could help me give me a shout.

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