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Woohoo I am 40! Lets Celebrate with a $40.00 Giveaway!!!!

This day is so exciting for me and my family. I never thought I would be so happy to turn 40. It has been a wonderful day. I woke to get ready to work. Most people want off for their birthday but not me. I want to work and live and enjoy life. I love subbing at the girls school. As I was walking out … [Read more...]

Almost Giveaway Time:)

Tomorrow is the day. Just last year I did not think I would even be here to have a giveaway. It is exciting, emotional and very special to be able to celebrate with everyone how wonderful life is. Every morning and every night I thank God for giving me another day. So much has happened and I … [Read more...]

My house showing

So they loved the house. Check first step. They are paying to have the house appraised on Monday. OK so that is a step we have not done with anyone yet! Check second step. Now we have to pray that the house will appraise for what we need to. looking for check number three. Thanks for praying … [Read more...]


Hey everyone ok I sooooo need some heavy praying. I am fine and the family is fine too!! WE are showing the house on Sat!! WE have not had a call in so long. So I figured if I had tons and tons praying for my house to sell that would be great. I really want the girls to have a place in … [Read more...]

Cindy Hope Chest Fundraisers

This Sat at Lake Park- Yard Sale at the Church and Donut Sales....All my local friends hope you stop by:) … [Read more...]

What is the giveaway and when????

OK so I decided since I was scared last year that I may not see my 40th birthday. Yes I said 40. I promised as much I complained about 35 that I did not want to be 40 I really do. So much has happened in the last yr and half that I have been looking forward to every birthday. What cancer can do … [Read more...]

Concussion, amnesia…..fb virus and it ends in a PRAISE!

Last Wed I received a call that Mommy's don't want to hear. Savannah has fallen and is not herself. She does not have memory of it or a window of time before. Mike and I jumped in the car to meet her at the hospital. It was the strangest thing. As many times as my three have bumped their head … [Read more...]