Almost Giveaway Time:)

Tomorrow is the day. Just last year I did not think I would even be here to have a giveaway. It is exciting, emotional and very special to be able to celebrate with everyone how wonderful life is. Every morning and every night I thank God for giving me another day. So much has happened and I have learned so much. I am doing all things through Him.

I am excited about my giveaway. First of all it super fun. Who wouldn’t want extra $40 to spend. Second reason I get to meet new people in the blog world. Last reason is promote my business. The more people you tell the more women I can help. I need your help to get Cindy’s Hope Chest out and people visiting my website.

Thank you for continuing to pray for my house. I am excited to see what happens this week. Off to decide what I am going to sign up for at the She Speaks Conference.

fighting like a girl

April 20- giveaway