Concussion, amnesia…..fb virus and it ends in a PRAISE!

Last Wed I received a call that Mommy’s don’t want to hear. Savannah has fallen and is not herself. She does not have memory of it or a window of time before. Mike and I jumped in the car to meet her at the hospital. It was the strangest thing. As many times as my three have bumped their head and had a big goose egg Savannah had no bump no blood. The Dr was very good with her. He explained how concussions work and she had a classic concussion. The amnesia is normal and she will always have it. I was totally scared. I can not even explain our visit. It makes me too sad to talk about it. She was saying and acting like I have never seen before. Everyday is a healing day for her. Headaches and dizzy for her. Pray for her.

Of course during all of this I received my first computer virus. By now I’m pretty mad. I thinking great so I have not been blogging much because my computer is on the blink.

Friday I was asking God to give me a break. I just felt like I have had enough right now. It was not much later that I received a phone call. It was from Proverbs 31 Ministries. She was very sweet. She said that there was a lot of people who have been following my story. I was very flattered but I am sooooo grateful to have all of you. You have pulled me through the battle of my life this far. She ask me if I knew about the She Speaks Conference. Of course I do a lot of my blogger friends are writers and I read their blogs. You might remember I met one of my friends for the first time while she was in town for the conference. She follows with that I am receiving a full scholarship to the conference in July. I was overwhelmed and felt very blessed. Once I got off the phone my first thought was God was telling me everything is OK. I have your back. Keep on going you have a business to run and I expect you to change and touch these women’s lives. I have learned so much through my journey that I just want to pay it forward. Thank you for letting me do it. Please check out

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! If you know anyone who is undergoing treatments for breast cancer please let me know:)

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