What is the giveaway and when????

OK so I decided since I was scared last year that I may not see my 40th birthday. Yes I said 40. I promised as much I complained about 35 that I did not want to be 40 I really do. So much has happened in the last yr and half that I have been looking forward to every birthday. What cancer can do to you. Well it is here, coming around the corner. I don’t want a party but I do want to celebrate with other women fighting like a girl. So what better way then to have all of you promote my organization. Cindy’s Hope Chest is my baby. So I am thanking all of you for being a part of my journey and giving me hope and encouragement. The fight is still not over and I am not taking it lightly but I am ready to have some fun and enjoy life. Praising God for all he has given me.

April 20- My birthday….giveaway starts

$40.00 cash

I am super excited and I hope you are. I will announce the different ways you can enter such as: following my blog, grabbing my button, blogging about my giveaway, becoming a fan of Cindy’s hope chest on face book, making a small donation to my organization or leaving me a fundraiser idea….who knows I may come up so others. Are you in????? I hope so. It’s a good cause and I want to be the middle person that is there for these women who are hurting, suffering and fighting for their lives. Just a gift of encouragement can make that chemo bay a little brighter:)

fighting like a girl