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Calling All Army Wives: Help Us Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness |

Calling All Army Wives: Help Us Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness myLifetime.comThey are looking for a real life Army Wife helping others fight like a girlCheck this out!!! This will be so good for Cindy's Hope Chest. It will just take a minute to email above about me. Here is my info:) … [Read more...]


So yesterday my oncologist had an allergic reaction to Gogi berries. One of her patients gave her some and she ate a handful and she ended up in the infusion room right along side of the cancer patients. Well my apt was canceled obviously. I was like what!! Like I am the only the matters... of … [Read more...]

Fundraiser June 5……

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8th grade formal….Alexa and her friend

Here are a few of Alexa's pictures getting ready to leave. It is just 8th grade right??? Well for me it was special. Every moment I get to spend with the girls is a grateful moment for me:) Cindyfighting like a girl pray for my apt tomorrow-test results for my next 3months. … [Read more...]

Happy Mothers Day

Ha what a week....Alexa's 8th grade formal, Madison went to camp for 3days with her school, Savannah had cheer tryouts for middle school and Relay for Life. It has been a crazy week! I can not wait to share all the news and pictures. Happy Mothers Day to everyone! It is a job that is rewarding … [Read more...]


Thanks to all that entered my giveaway. I will do another one in a month:) First of all I want to apologize for taking longer to announce than I normally do. I was reading a post that was very sad about a week ago and I have been following her for awhile. She has been through a lot and it seems … [Read more...]


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