So yesterday my oncologist had an allergic reaction to Gogi berries. One of her patients gave her some and she ate a handful and she ended up in the infusion room right along side of the cancer patients. Well my apt was canceled obviously. I was like what!! Like I am the only the matters… of course not:) I am happy to say she is better today and I was able to see her this morning. It is amazing how nervous and sick I feel a week leading up to this day. Will I always feel this way??? I think I will. How do I go from believing that I am going to be OK to feeling scared and uncertain. I feel guilty when I have any doubt. I love helping others and want them to be positive and fight like a girl and then I fall apart for one apt. Goodness!! I just have to continue to pray for guidance and peace. Pray pray pray:)

Update: My labs came back good. She said a little low on calcium so I need to start dealing with that. My scan from last she explained a few things with that. Cysts and a kidney stone but nothing else. She was pleased. She talked about medicines for the next 10 yrs. WOW! She says I need this protection because I am a high risk for recurrence. That is all I need to hear to whack me out for a while. What if what if???? I will see her again in 3months.

So glad Summer is almost here. The girls have had some incredible teachers this year. I need to decide what to dFont sizeo. I just want to enjoy every moment I can. Thanks for listening.

I need to sell my house……pray for my house…..whats up with that?

Car wash this sat from 8-3 on Independence.

If you have a business and would like to donate items for a raffle on the 5th of June let me know. Big or small it is all needed!!! Thanks for your support.

fighting like a girl-i really hate cancer:(