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Hey, it’s Mike……..

Cindy and the girls are sleeping and getting some well needed rest. I'm of course up and ready to roll. I'm super excited about this next couple of days I can't stand it!!!!!!!! Whatever the outcome is, the fact that we are here is exciting. I want to take this moment to thank SOOOOOO many people … [Read more...]

******We are here!! They have checked us in and Mike, the girls and I have been exploring Charleston this afternoon:) Pictures coming.........Cindyfighting like a girl.....feeling excited … [Read more...]

Not sure what I can say???? Thank you

I am super excited!! I am packed and getting ready to leave. You all know that I am a finalist for the Army wives show. I will be meeting ???? today and meeting ???? tomorrow. I do not know much. Thanks to everyone who nominated me:) Wish me luck......Cindyfighting like a girl … [Read more...]

Army Wives…..who is your favorite?

I am a super fan of this show. I use to drag my husband in to watch it on Sundays while I was going through treatments. He would watch it with me but was not into all the drama like I was. So most of you know that I am in a contest. Thanks to all who nominated me. I am very excited, nervous and … [Read more...]

Room makeover….Big Reveal

Sorry I have been w/o my computer for a few days. Here is the playroom before. Nicki came in and after 3 days of hard work and eye for what works and a fast shopper on a budget. This is what she left my sister with..... You can check out the break down of how much Nicki spent and where she found … [Read more...]

Check out this room makeover

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Happy Anniversary Mr. Army Soldier

Are you kidding me....16 years today I married my soldier. I'll never forget. This Miami girl says "I Do" to a Hot SPC in the Army!! We went to Mexico for a week and off he went.....being married for just a few weeks and being separated for about a year. It was tough. I was 24 but I was ready. … [Read more...]

Room Makeover by Nicki

This is my friend Nicki.She has been super sweet to take on this challenge. My sister was ready to makeover her playroom that we all dread entering as Moms to a sheek family room on a budget. So Nicki jumped on it and has been coming over this week making her plans. I must say so far I'm … [Read more...]

Rineyville KY

This is Mike, Would love to know whos in Rineyville KY????? I have friends that are stationed at FT Knox. Please leave a comment... Thanks! … [Read more...]

Rineyville KY

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