1st day of Summer break

I loved today….no getting up early, no making lunches, no school. This is the first day in a while that I did not do much. It was wonderful. Savannah is off on her 5th grade graduation adventure with my Mom. She is having a blast. The other two hit the pool and did some chores. Which gave me some time to reflect on everything that is going on. I definitely am looking forward to having more days like this. This Summer I am going to start spending more time taking care of me. Things I want to get in to:

So need to get into an exercise routine. Having gone through chemo and radiation it sure takes a toll on your body.

Spend more time doing things that I really want to do or go see. Not just say I am.

Blogging more and catching up on others. You all were very good to me. I love seeing what everyone is up to.

Spend more time one on one praying….quiet time gives me a kick start to my day.

My girls…..just love listening

Watching my soldier love serving his country and thank him more

I could go on and on…..I just think this Summer is going to be great.

My 1st day of Summer break was refreshing:)

fighting like a girl

Loved visiting Dover at their cookout- thanks again for your donation of 825!!