Army Wives…..who is your favorite?

I am a super fan of this show. I use to drag my husband in to watch it on Sundays while I was going through treatments. He would watch it with me but was not into all the drama like I was. So most of you know that I am in a contest. Thanks to all who nominated me. I am very excited, nervous and waiting to hear right now. I love that you all are supporting me and Cindy’s Hope Chest. Being an Army wife is tough enough and adding a terrible disease like cancer just does not seem fair sometimes. But I am fighting like a girl! My husband and girls are strong when I am weak. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. Good Luck to the other women. This could be big for Cindy’s Hope Chest. Helping others is my passion. So do you like the Army Wives show? What is your favorite scene? Who is you favorite wife? Leave a comment…you never know who is reading this post:) Pamela…..what do you think about her? She tells it like it is.

Joan…..having a rough time right now…..Whats your thoughts on her?

Roxy….crazy and wild and full of life… you think she is gonna have a baby?

Denise…..what do you think about her? Her husband? Having a baby?

Claudia Joy….boy did I cry when she lost her daughter… do you think she is handling her life?

I love them all… who is your favorite? I might be meeting one or some of them!!!!
fighting like a girl