Hey, it’s Mike……..

Cindy and the girls are sleeping and getting some well needed rest. I’m of course up and ready to roll. I’m super excited about this next couple of days I can’t stand it!!!!!!!! Whatever the outcome is, the fact that we are here is exciting. I want to take this moment to thank SOOOOOO many people for being there when my family needed you and also the support you have given Cindy with Cindy’s Hope Chest. Although this past 22 months have been difficult, they have happened for a reason. Here’s a couple of examples, Cindy has found a new found strength within herself that can and will conquer all!!!!!!!!!! Our family has grown closer and are more understanding to the needs of others. Cindy’s Hope Chest, which will grow and help people in need. The Army moved us back to Charlotte in order for us to be close to family for support, with this move I have gotten to know my niece and nephew more than I would have ever had the chance. (living under the same roof) you get pretty close. you can just call us the NUTTY NINE! Any way the list goes on and on. We would love to sell our home in Greenville so we can purchase our retirement home but the day we pack up and move out will be sad for me. I actually enjoy the nutty nine! well, a busy next couple of days so i’d better get some sleep to so I’m not a zomby in the AM. AGAIN thanks to all who follow and support Cindy…. you all are special to me too!!!