Room Makeover by Nicki

This is my friend Nicki.

She has been super sweet to take on this challenge. My sister was ready to makeover her playroom that we all dread entering as Moms to a sheek family room on a budget. So Nicki jumped on it and has been coming over this week making her plans. I must say so far I’m impressed. The best part about the visits are I get to spend time with her. She is a beautiful girl of God. She shines when she enters the room. So this is a win win for me. Check out the room before……

Do you think it need Nicki???? Now here is what has happened after 2 days……….
I love it and what is most important is my sister and her husband. THEY LOVE IT!
You can pop over to Nicki’s blog for her upcoming days changing this blah playroom into a room that I (oops my sister I mean 😉 )want to spend a lot of time enjoying.
Until tomorrow
fighting like a girl