SAvannah’s Graduation, Lifetime Army Wives and Cindy’s Hope Chest

Last night was so sweet my little Savannah had her 5th grade graduation. I can not believe that she is going into middle school. Headache city thinking about it. She look so gorgeous. I will have pictures later tonight.

The benefit was wonderful. I want to thank everyone for donating food, door prizes and raffles. It was amazing. I have not come off that high yet. Seeing people love Cindy’s Hope Chest gives me the strength to continue on. I love what I am doing. I would love to hear from some of my blog friends that have been following for a while to see what they think. I found about cancer in 8-08 and now it is 6-10 and I have CHC….I have had 4 events……and I have over 5000. It is overwhelming. I keep saying this is my first year and I can not wait until next. God is good.

Lifetime… has been exciting, stressful and emotion all in one. Thank you to all who have nominated me. I know where it started at but I have know idea where it has gone. So know that I am thankful. I will blog about more details tomorrow. I hope you are excited. I am!

fighting like a girl