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army wives

so tonight i am excited to watch the next episode. As soon as I can I will share all of the details. Have you ever been about to bust because you have exciting news??? Well I am there! I love this so much. Roxy oh my she is super sweet in person. She is down to earth and super cute too. Aug … [Read more...]


Tonight is the last night of VBS for Cindy's Hope Chest. It has been super fun. I was asked and gladly accepted to be the mission project for a local church here. (FUMC) I have been working with kids from 5-11. The first night we spoke about cancer in kiddy lango. Sick and sad cells and so on. … [Read more...]

tupperware… friendly

So this totally cool. You can now order and have Tupperware delivered to you. No hassles of joining to sell and no long parties to attend!!!!HA love it!The girls are doing a fundraiser for the next few weeks. Take a look:) Online specials cant find them in the regular book. Hope you … [Read more...]

Operation Monday- kick that cancers butt!

OK so you know I am starting to feel more like myself. Life is starting to get back to normal. The one thing I want to concentrate on is getting the healthy me back and kick that cancers butt. So what better way to do it but to put it out there and you help me get on track and hold me … [Read more...]

Charleston Day 2

First of all I know that I have lost a few followers. There is only a limited amount that I can say right now. I am super excited to share my time in Charleston. If you just hold on a little bit it will be worth it. It was an amazing time and I am so thankful to have been nominated for the Lifetime … [Read more...]

Day one in Charleston……why have we not been before?

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NOT MUCH I CAN SAY RIGHT NOW.......IT'S GOODITS AWESOME..........ITS AMAZINGITS ONCE IN A LIFE TIME..........STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … [Read more...]


Good Morning......I will be updating through the day!! I am so excited but feeling not so good. I have a headache and feel kinda off. Please pray for me to feel better. Also Praise God for getting me this far. This is all tons of fun but with that said I just want to continue being healed and … [Read more...]