Operation Monday- kick that cancers butt!

OK so you know I am starting to feel more like myself. Life is starting to get back to normal. The one thing I want to concentrate on is getting the healthy me back and kick that cancers butt. So what better way to do it but to put it out there and you help me get on track and hold me accountable. So every Monday I will report to you and tell you how I did for the week. Since there are many followers that are battling also it will be great to help them with healthy ideas and tips on good exercises and DVDs etc. So I’m excited!!!! I hope you are in and you are ready to help me get the healthy me back.

Today we are going to talk a little about acid vs alkaline. I have heard so much stuff while I was going through my treatments. One of the things was eating more alkaline foods then acid. Does it help? Can cancer live in a more balanced level? Not sure of all the facts but I try to lean more to eating alkaline foods. Here is a list:

Alkaline Vegetables
AsparagusArtichokesCabbageLettuceOnionCauliflowerRadishSwedeLambs LettucePeasCourgetteRed CabbageLeeksWatercressSpinachTurnipChivesCarrotGreen BeansBeetrootGarlicCeleryGrasses (wheat, straw, barley, dog, kamut etc.)CucumberBroccoliKaleBrussels Sprouts

Le3t me know what you think??? I would love to post healthy snacks, recipes and tips on Mondays. So please send them and I will post where they came from if you wish. So good luck to any and everyone that wants to join in. I have a long way to go but I am on my way to the new healthy me:)

fighting like a girl