1ST Annual October Rally Up Fundraiser

Cindy’s Hope Chest fundraiser event instructions

1st annual October Rally Up fundraiser

Fundraiser organization:

Mike Summers will be the primary point of contact for the 1st annual October Rally Up fundraiser. All questions, concerns and ideas should be addressed thru Mike Summers. His phone number is 704-668-6803 and email is john.summers@nullusarec.army.mil. This fundraiser will be a multi state event with hopes that we will encompass all 52 states. This will require all parties involved to utilize all resources available to include email, face book, twitter, blogs and word of mouth. CHC can and will provide request letters as well as receipts for all (tax deductible) donations made.

Timeline: 1 October -31 October


1.To raise funding for the increase in request for assistance after the Army Wives show aired

2.To raise breast cancer awareness during breast cancer awareness month as well as promoting “early detection saves lives”

3.To continue to make woman aware of Cindy’s Hope Chest and our mission statement

4.To rally up a team of volunteers/supporters as well as new beneficiaries so that we may gain strength in numbers as an organization

Goals for October 2010

1.To raise 10,000 dollars in the month of October

2.To average 50 hits on the website each day during the month of October

3.Complete updating website

4.Create a database of all supporters/volunteers and beneficiaries

5.Complete new business cards with new logo

6.Complete new E-brochure

7.Obtain 5 new corporate sponsors

8.Raise awareness of CHC during the Susan G Komen walk in charlotte on 2 October

9.Raise awareness of CHC during the bases for breast cancer at a local church in Monroe, NC 8-9 October

10.Send a basket or bag to all request (surge from the response) after the Army Wives Gives Back venue


1.CHC needs to raise breast cancer awareness as well as “Early detection save lives”

2.October is breast cancer awareness month and a great time to make a mark and get CHC on the breast cancer awareness map

3.All donations by individuals/businesses, as well as fundraising efforts will be posted daily on CHC website, Cindy’s blog and Face book. This will spotlight all efforts towards this fundraiser. We will have a running tally so all parties are aware of the current status of meeting the goal for October.

Intent and concept of fundraiser:

These are just a few ideas to assist you in your efforts, be creative and use your imagination and have fun!!!!!!! You will be surprised how giving people are and how they take pride in helping others.

1.Car wash

2.Bake sale (a lot of bagel and donut shops will donate yesterdays goods) that you can collect donations as a fundraiser

3.Garage sale

4.Lemonade stand

5.Raffle off baskets of goodies that were either purchased or donated

6.Krispy Kreme Donuts has a fundraising program

7.Get your church involved

8.Get your neighborhood involved

9.Get your co-workers and employers involved

10.BBQ and spaghetti dinners

11.Corn-hole or bowling fundraiser

12.Canvass local businesses

13.Simply ask friends and family to help your fundraising effort

14.Google “fundraising ideas” for more ideas

Friendly Forces:



3.Past and present CHC beneficiaries

4.Past business owners that have supported CHC

5.Newly solicited business owners thru emails/letters and face to face visits that want to help

6.Blogs/twitter/email/cell phone texting/word of mouth and face book

7.40 days to plan/ assist and execute your fundraiser

Strength is in numbers and numbers is what will make this a successful 1st annual Rally Up Fundraiser!! Let me give an example:

500 people tell 5 people, each and those tell 5 people each and so on. It doesn’t take long to get thousands involved. What the first 500 do with the information is the key!

Thanks so much for your support! If you have a great idea for fundraising please send your ideas to Mike and Cindy where we can share with all 52 states. Cindy will have a special surprise for the biggest fundraiser event!!!!!!!

Fundraising monies can be mailed to: Cindy’s Hope Chest, PO Box 1215, Indian Trail, NC 28079. Individuals can also Donate on-line at www.cindyshopechest.org

All October Fundraising tally’s will be done on 31 October.

Top Fundraiser will be revealed 1 Nov on website, face book and Blog.