OK so here is the challenge: You all know that I have been putting my heart and soul into Cindy’s Hope Chest. I am getting tons of calls from women all over the country that need my help. They are fighting for their lives. It is heart breaking to here them crying and screaming. I have been there. You guys were there. You saw me at my lowest point. You surrounded me with hope, encouragement and love. You helped me wake up everyday. You now have the opportunity to do it again. Please do not turn away tonight. I know you get busy with work and the kids but if you are healthy you can do this. You can fight for a women that cant right now. If she needs me financially or emotionally I want to be able to answer her. Sometimes the smallest token can change their path for the day. I want each of you to pray about this. I am asking for at least 2 people from very state to have a fundraiser for Cindy’s Hope Chest. It can be anything you want. It can be as big or little as you want. It can be a car wash, bake sale, donation jar or a lemonade stand. You can be as creative as you want. I will help an any way that you need. If you have any questions let me know. Oct is breast cancer awareness month so people love to donate during this month. I want CHC to make a difference on the map! Get with your church, bible study, clubs, girls night out group. Remember I am a nonprofit organization so everything that is raise goes back out to a beautiful women that wants to be the next SURVIVOR! I am going to start announcing the states as you email me. Represent your state:) Thanks for all you do!

fighting like a girl

PS- I did it! I cant believe it but I did! A tattoo:) I will post a picture after 5 people sign up to fund raise for CHC. Promise it is awesome. I am so excited to show you and I will give you the ouch ouch details:) I’m bad:)