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pray for me

I am going today to start a new medicine. Please say a prayer for me today. Pray that I do not have a reaction. Pray that I am not in pain. Pray that it protects me the way it is suppose to. Thanks for you support!Cindyfighting like a girl8 more days to sign up for the Komen … [Read more...]

She speaks…… met my blog girlies

Nichole and my girls Lee, Me, Nicki, Nichole and Pamela.....all their blogs are must reads. Joy and Nichole......prayer warriors Lee with my I was lucky to meet her last year and get to hang with her this year. Kim....another survivior. It was great to meet her. … [Read more...]

wow knock me down…..can i get a break?

I am having one of those moments. Yea the one I am trying to help other women not have. I just want to start off by asking you to stop reading for a moment and pray for me. I am having a rough time right now. Pray for healing and protection.Now I will fill you in. Are you faced with death … [Read more...]

First annual October Rally UP!!!

October is Breast cancer awareness month and Cindy's Hope Chest will have a annual October Rally Up Fund Raiser! I (Mike) Will be responsible for making this happen from initial plan to the execution phase. I will be working on the time lines as well as goals in the next couple of days. We will post … [Read more...]


So far I have one in WV and one in MD! I need 3 more so you can see my tattoo. It is amazing and it gives me the hope I need to carry me through. I am going to give my husband the task to run with this challenge so you will be hearing from him soon. I would love if any of you would blog about … [Read more...]


OK so here is the challenge: You all know that I have been putting my heart and soul into Cindy's Hope Chest. I am getting tons of calls from women all over the country that need my help. They are fighting for their lives. It is heart breaking to here them crying and screaming. I have been … [Read more...]


Sorry I did not get to get to a computer until now. We are at the beach on a marriage retreat with the Army. I am on the hotel computer. I will post tomorrow night my challenge sorry again.I have been working with a company in Indian Trail EmboridMe and they emailed me a bunch of logos. I am … [Read more...]

Does anyone know what October is?

Is everyone ready? I have a challenge for you. On Friday I will make an announcement. Please tune back in on Friday. See you soon:)Cindyfighting like a girl … [Read more...]

Eat Yoplait….my girls did:) “Save Lids to Save Lives”

The girls had so much fun. Yoplait has been wonderful to Cindy's Hope Chest! Don't forget to buy your yogurt and turn in your lids!!! It saves lives:) If you have any questions let me know.Cindyfighting like a girl … [Read more...]

Alexa’s bracelets gone HOLLYWOOD

OK most of you know about Alexa's bracelets. Her dream was to get one person in every state to wear one to remember to pray for me. So as people request them we send them out. So if you want one please send your order to This picture was taking after the girls did … [Read more...]