She speaks…… met my blog girlies

Nichole and my girls

Lee, Me, Nicki, Nichole and Pamela…..all their blogs are must reads.

Joy and Nichole……prayer warriors

Lee with my girls… I was lucky to meet her last year and get to hang with her this year.

Kim….another survivior. It was great to meet her.

This is where I found my name. It was very overwhelming.

Nichole and Me:)

Nicki, Lee, Me and Nichole… one could touch the power here! I wish I could figure out how to make bigger. Love these girls

I am sure you remember at the end of the summer I was going to a womens conference that I was nominated for. I was so excited to listen and learn from other Christian women. Writers, speakers and women who had a story to tell. It was an amazing weekend. I was looking forward to it for many reasons. You know it is my dream to meet all my blog friends that have followed and prayed for me. Which leads me to tell you a little about my of my very best blog friends:) she lives on the other side of the country so I knew some day that God would bring us to meet. She is a wonderful wife and mother of two sweet little boys. She spends her life being a good Christian not saying she is one. Her website/blog is a place to go and spend some time reflecting on how much we love and need our God. She is compassionate, caring and a loyal friend. Up until I met her I already felt like we had met so long ago. While I was going through my treatments she prayed for me, sent my gifts of encouragement, sent my husband and children cards to let them know they were being covered. Talking to her on the phone was like speaking to an angel. So when I found out that we would be attending the conference together and that she was going to be my room mate. HA! I was so excited! The day came for me to pick her up from the airport…..was the longest day ever. And it did not help that she would call me during her layovers and of course I missed them all. I made sure I was there early enough because I wanted to hug her neck as soon as she landed. Finally the call came…..I could not drive there fast enough. She was just just as precious as I thought. God had crossed our paths for a reason. I was fighting for my life and she was fighting it with me. She had never met me. She knew that I could not fight alone. So she was just there! Always there! At that moment I Praised God for giving me the opportunity to thank her for everything… person. She was everything I knew she would be. It was a wonderful weekend. Stories shared and memories made. I would like for you to meet my friend Nichole…..…..I promised you will be moved by her passion and her writing. Love ya Nichole:)
Thanks to all who nominated me! It was a great conference and I hope that you can attend the next one.

fighting like a girl