Archives for October 24, 2010

October Rally Up!

1 more week and the October Rally up will conclude! Great first Rally up with still a week left to participate. Great events have gone on around the country and more to come this next 7 days.Thanks to all who have held fundraisers in support of this Rally Up! The total will be revealed on 1 … [Read more...]

Cindy’s Going on a Roadtrip (Air trip)

Cindy is going to PA, west Grove PA to be a part of the finale fundraiser that Sedona fitness and Spa has put together! Sedona has fundraised each Sunday in the month of October and the finale is Sunday 31 Oct. Cindy will be able to meet this great group of people that have supported a perfect … [Read more...]


Way to go Diviniti Salon! You and your team raised $800.00 today for CHC!!!!! You and your team are awesome! You did great and am sure you will see those faces again. Thanks soooo much for working on your days off to make this a great CHC day! … [Read more...]