Web Site looking GREAT!!! THANKS TSE!!!!!!!

I want to thank The TSE Group again for all the hard work and hours they have devoted to CHC. A great group of people doing great things for a Great cause. In case you didn’t know, the TSE group is a marketing Company out of PA that has joined forces with CHC. They are committed to helping us reach out to all communities so that we may help more woman. They have just to name a few, developed the new website, designed our up and comming E-Brochure, contacted local bussiness to gain corporate sponsorship. This group of people are ONE OF A KIND. They have done this and more at NO CHARGE. I can only imagine what type of work they do for the clients that pay them. take the time to visit the website (thetsegroup.biz) Thanks again to the entire TSE TEAM!!!!!!

I also want to thank the EMBROIDME store located here in Indian Trail. They have worked hard as well and have a geniune care for Cindy and her cause. They have stepped up and made task happen last minute and supported Cindy since day 1. Francine and MR N,( he hates it when I call him Mr and SIR) you guys are greatly appreciated. If you have needs for embroidering, vinyl lettering, and everything in between. Check out the store in Indian Trail or contact Cindy to get a hold of them. Great job on the t-shirts, bags and hats recently…

We also want to reconize another true supporter of CHC. (there are lots)

Karen Morgal, Thanks so much for your continued support of CHC and her cause. You have been a great support and helped us with our girls school, events at the school etc. You also have a genuine care and desire to help any way that you can. WE THANK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

There are so many people who fit the description of the above! we are so greatful to all who continue to assist us in this great cause. Thanks again for all who follow, support and assist CHC in encouraging woman as they fight!

Mike and Cindy