Cindy made it to PA and participated in the finale event that Sedona Fitness and Spa held today. She had a great time! She will fly back tomorrow! If you have not checked out the new website, take a minute and navigate thru… www.cindyshopechest.org Cindy has worked hard this month as it is breast cancer awareness month. I can’t tell you how proud I am to watch her as she touches lives. This thing is going big and fast! I thank you for walking with her daily… She is a great woman doing great things each day! I also want to thank Cindys sister and my Bro-in-law for all their support! Keep on keeping on Cindy, I’m proud of you! As I watched you thru the glass window this morning at the ticket counter, I thought of all you have accomplished and almost told the stranger beside me that y ou were my wife as I pointed to you. I didnt want him to think I was a weirdo so I refrained. You were missed but glad you had the oppurtunity to go to PA and meet those great folks. love you, Mike