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sneak pick of my new store

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Contest! Facebook…need your help:)

Ok I am in a contest on facebook. It ends on the 3rd. I need your help. I am about 150 votes behind right now. So I am asking you to help me. It only takes a minute. For you taking the time to vote I am going to have a contest for you:) From the 22nd til 3rd if you vote for me or have someone (as … [Read more...]

Yay! My website and blog now match:)

I really needed to see this today. Thanks Kristy with TSE group! I just love my marketing company. I have had a few rough days. On Monday I started having some pain under my arm (the side that does not have cancer). It has just put in a terrified mind set. I don't get like this very much but when I … [Read more...]

If you facebook you can vote for me…..

OK so there is a contest on facebook right now and whoever gets the most votes gets free advertisement in their magazine. You will be voting on logos. I am logo number 78. I hope you will please take a few minutes and vote for me. It will be a great opportunity for more to know abut Cindy's Hope … [Read more...]

Cindy’s Hope Chest Open House

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Blog Underconstruction……:)

I have been out of touch for a bit. I opened my store and had a wonderful end to the year for my organization. My blog will be getting a makeover and I am super excited about it. I am learning how to twitter so I can keep everyone updated on Cindy's Hope Chest. I have lots of pictures uploaded on … [Read more...]