Blog Underconstruction……:)

I have been out of touch for a bit. I opened my store and had a wonderful end to the year for my organization. My blog will be getting a makeover and I am super excited about it. I am learning how to twitter so I can keep everyone updated on Cindy’s Hope Chest. I have lots of pictures uploaded on our a facebook page. The fundraisers for our first year were amazing. Have you heard of boob painting…..well be sure to check it out. Thanks for sticking with me. This year is going to be a year that I am going to need lots of emotional support. I am heading into my 3rd year. Lots of dr apts. So just remember to say a little prayer for me and all the women that are fighting this terrible disease!

fighting like a girl

If you have any ideas about my blog or my website….pink or breast cancer let me know.