Long drive but God was my copilot

Well today I spent the afternoon driving to my house. Yep its that time again. Another 6month check-up. I have been struggling a little with some stuff and I really needed that time in the car.

This month is a big month for me. I have 3 apts and then I will be done for another 3months. It really never gets easier. Waking up everyday the first thing I say is thank you for today. Do you thank God for each and everyday? Or do we forget how precious are time is?

So while I was in the car I Praised God for all He has done for me this week. I am giving Him the Honor and Glory for trusting me with Cindy’s Hope Chest. If I look back 2 1/2 yrs ago…….ha who would have thought. He picked me to be one of His miracles. WOW~

God thank you for being my copilot today. You gave me the strength to walk in the Dr’s office tomorrow with a positive attitude. Sometimes we just need to remember to spend more time with Him…..we can not do it alone.

Please pray for me tomorrow and ask God to continue to heal me:) It means a lot!

fighting like a girl