Learning how to tweet

Well since I have founded www.cindyshopechest.org 13 months ago I am learning that Internet is the way to get the word out. There are so many different links. I’m trying to learn them a little at a time. I have been blogging since 08. I was able to blog my journey from waiting for the results that I would be fighting for my life to being a survivor.

CHC is learning how to tweet. I’m not very good at it. I am trying to learn how to add the different areas of interest so that it shows up in the right places. CRAZY but fun! If you have a twitter account and you want us to follow you let us know. If yo have any ideas of good Internet sites that can help CHC let us know that too.

Update: I’m doing well-next apt May. My arm is still giving me trouble-seeing someone this week to give me some answers.

Hope everyone is loving Spring

fighting like a girl