Our Services

Below is a list of our commonly performed services.  However, we are always happy to help survivors with any needs that come along as we have the right resources.

  • House cleaning
    image of Girl Scouts of America Volunteers

    This is a pictures Girl Scouts of America Volunteers helping to sort through donations.

  • Hair Stylist
  • Transportation
  • Children of Faith Preschool
  • Grocery/drug store errands
  • Gift baskets
  • Local meals delivered
  • Friendship/encouragement visits during treatments

Items We Always Need:

  • New hats, scarves/head wraps
  • New wigs
  • Journal/diary
  • New blankets (prayer shawls, etc.)
  • Paraben free products (soap, lotion, shampoo)
  • New pillows
  • New socks (Breast cancer awareness preferred or pink)
  • Pure 100% Aloe Vera (GNC store)
  • Inspirational books, magazines (crossword puzzles, games, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baskets
  • New Cami/tank tops
  • Hard candy
  • Small gifts of encouragement
  • New button up pajama sets
  • Gift Cards for restaurants, grocery store, Wal-mart, Target, etc.

If you are able to volunteer your time, provide specialized voluntary services or have questions about donations, please contact cindy@nullcindyshopechest.org